A Quick Start Guide To Playing VR Videos on Any Smartphone


1. Start off by going to through your Smartphone and login into your account.
2. Once you are logged in, choose the video you would like to download and select the appropriate file.
3. Once downloaded to your computer you will need to move the file to your phone.
4. Watch the video by utilizing one of the VR Players located in the App Stores

Android Phone

1. Connect your Android phone to your computer using the microUSB to USB cable.
2. On the Android phone pull down the notification window and tap “USB Connected” and select “File Transfer”.
3. From there simply move the file from your computer to the Android Phone. Usually you will want to place the video inside of the “DCIM” Folder but most phones will automatically recognize a video file placed in the Video Folder.
4. Install a VR Player on your phone located in the Google Play
  a. We recommend the free “AAA VR Cinema
  b. Configure the AAA VR Cinema (or whichever app you currently using) to view our 360 degree over/under content.
5. Enjoy the world’s best Virtual Reality Adult Content!

iOS (iPhone)

1. Add the video like you would any file utilizing iTunes.
2. To add the video to iTunes: Computer-to-iTunes
3. To move the video from iTunes to your Phone: Itunes-to-Phone
4. Download the free “Mobile VR Station” from the App Store
5. From there you can either locate the video file on your iPhone via the Application or follow the instructions below:
  a. Inside of iTunes go to “iPhone > Apps” and scroll down.
  b. Go to “File Sharing”.
  c. Drag & Drop the video files from your computer to the Mobile VR Station App.
  d. Configure the Mobile VR Station App to view our 360 degree over/under content.
6. Enjoy the world’s best Virtual Reality Adult Content!