Virtual Reality over 2D

Virtual Reality over 2D

For your entire life, you’ve looked at two-dimensional porn. If you are younger, your porn viewing days may have started online with a high-speed Internet connection. If this is how you started, count yourself lucky. Those older know and understand having to go to a corner liquor store to purchase a porn mag while trying to not make eye contact with the clerk (which naturally had to be a woman that looked like your grandmother). Even when the Internet became more of a thing, trying to download images off of a dial-up modem proved to be less than desirable (especially when you could hear mom’s footsteps as you tried to close out the browser window).  Whatever age you are and whatever you had to go through in order to view porn, more likely than not you’ve probably only seen real porn in 2D.  Well, virtual reality porn offers you something completely different and will revolutionize the way you view pornographic content. In fact, you may never ever go back to 2D again.

Oh, Those Failed Attempts at 3D

Now, the adult industry has always prided itself in trying new things. Not to say these different ways always panned out. In fact, many of these attempts fell flat on its face. Did you ever try to view porn with those 3D red and blue glasses? Yeah, that really didn’t work out too well. Even Sports Illustrated tried to do a 3D Swimsuit edition a decade ago, which really didn’t do all that much either. So, for better or for worse, you were stuck either dealing with a red boob and a blue boob, or accept the fact that you would be forced to watch porn in 2D for the rest of your life.

Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life.

Why VR is Superior to 2D

Just the term “virtual reality” should indicate just how much better VR porn is than 2D. However, let’s get down into all the different ways and uncover why exactly virtual reality outperforms 2D in just about every single way.

  • 3D vs 2D
  • Viewing Angle
  • Fully Immersive
  • A New Experience Every Time

3D vs 2D

This isn’t old school 3D. While yes, you do need to wear the headset, you won’t be viewing the content in shades of blues and reds. It also isn’t like the 3D you see at movies. This 3D is designed more to give you depth of field, which pops the subject out from the background without making it look artificial. It also allows each eye to view the scene from a slightly different angle, which is more in line with how your eyes work. You have depth perception because you have two eyes. However, 2D provides only one depth. With 3D, you can finally take advantage of having two different eyes (sorry to those one eyed pirates out there). So the visual standard alone is far superior to what two dimensions offers.

Viewing Angle

The viewing angle of 2D material greatly depends on how close up to your face you are looking at the porn. If you are sitting on a couch, watching a television across the room, your viewing angle may only be 15 or 20 degrees. If you’re watching a computer screen or looking at a magazine, your viewing angle may increase to 30 or 40 degrees.  Keep in mind your eyes, without moving your head, have a field of view of around 114 degrees. This leaves a very large area of space where your eyes pick up material other than what you actually want to see.

On the flip side, what is the viewing angle of a virtual reality headset? Well, it depends on what headset you’re looking for. Depending on which variation of the Oculus Rift you have, your viewing angle is between 100 and 110 degrees. The HTC Vive provides a 110-degree field of view, while Sony is around 100 degrees.  The Samsung Gear VR is 96 degrees, and Cardboard varies based on the phone and headset you use. Regardless, even if you use Cardboard with a smaller field of view, it nearly fills your 114-degree natural field of view. As you can see, this is far superior to anything you’ll ever experience outside of VR.

Fully Immersive

With the expansive field of view, virtual reality porn is able to completely immerse you into the material. With 2D, you’ll always have something else in your field of view. Whether it is just the rest of your room behind the computer screen or your dog, sitting in the corner, watching and judging, there is always something else in your field of view. This subtracts from your overall experience. Of course, it is all you’ve ever known, which is why nobody complains about it. However, now that you can take out the distractions and leave yourself with a fully immersive video, there is no reason to go back to the inferior product of 2D.

A New Experience Every Time

When you watch 2D porn, you have the same viewing experience every single time. Sure, you might like certain movies more than others, but it is still the same viewing experience. It is the same angle and it is the same result action. With VR porn, you have a new experience every single time. Yes, for the time being the actress still performs the same moves. However, the way you see these actions is different, which gives you a new way to experience the virtual reality content, no matter how many times you see it.

So how does virtual reality offer you a different viewing experience? It is because you can turn your head and see something different. Maybe you want to look down and watch the actress ride that throbbing dick the entire time. Perhaps you’d rather look at her eyes and just connect psychologically with the performer. That can be pretty hot on its own. Watching her breasts right in front of your face sway back and forth as she rides you can be almost as good as the real thing, and yet offer you something totally different than the other two options. You could even just listen to her moaning in your ear as you look up at the ceiling of the virtual space. Every single time you watch the virtual reality video it is a little bit different and it gives you a totally new experience.

There really is no comparing virtual reality porn and 2D porn. While you might have grown up on 2D, it is time to graduate to the next level. Virtual reality porn is superior to 2D in every way imaginable. So, if you’ve joined the revolution, welcome to the future of porn! If you haven’t just yet, now is the time to try it out. After just one viewing you’ll understand porn will never ever be the same.

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