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Virtual Reality over 2D

Virtual Reality over 2D For your entire life, you’ve looked at two-dimensional porn. If you are younger, your porn viewing days may have started online with a high-speed Internet connection. If this is how you started, count yourself lucky. Those older know and understand having to go to a corner liquor store to purchase a […]

What is VR?

What is VR (Virtual Reality)? Virtual reality (or VR) is a computer-aided simulation, constructed in 3D space. It is an open environment, allowing you to interact with the digital world around you. By wearing a specially designed head mounted device (HMD), your movements are tracked so you turn in the created environment as you would […]

Virtual Reality Headsets

As virtual reality becomes more popular, you’ll begin to see more and more manufacturers release headset and home systems. If you are currently looking for a new VR system, you need to compare all available options, performance and determine what fits into your budget. This is a list of the most current VR headsets available. […]