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Codecs – Keeping VR Files Manageable  Codecs. You may not hear a sexier word all day today. For most people a codec really doesn’t matter and it is just some behind the scenes tech word. However, the thing about codecs is it allows for you to view VR porn on your computer. An actual virtual […]

History of Virtual Reality, Part 5

History of Virtual Reality, Part 5 The Modern Era and Beyond The 1990s brought a plethora of new ideas and modern implementations for virtual reality, yet the technology and performance needed to handle this new age of VR still lagged behind. In the last several years, the ability for mobile devices and home computer systems […]

Virtual Reality Terminology

Have you found yourself a bit confused with some of the terminology we use here (or what you’ve seen on other websites)? Don’t worry, that is commonplace when learning any new technology. So here is a glossary of commonly used terms in VR. 360-Degree Video A camera system created to record 360-degrees of simultaneous material. […]