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Codecs – Keeping VR Files Manageable  Codecs. You may not hear a sexier word all day today. For most people a codec really doesn’t matter and it is just some behind the scenes tech word. However, the thing about codecs is it allows for you to view VR porn on your computer. An actual virtual […]

Virtual Reality over 2D

Virtual Reality over 2D For your entire life, you’ve looked at two-dimensional porn. If you are younger, your porn viewing days may have started online with a high-speed Internet connection. If this is how you started, count yourself lucky. Those older know and understand having to go to a corner liquor store to purchase a […]

How Virtual Reality is Recorded

How Virtual Reality is Recorded Virtual reality video experiences provide you with an incredible view of the world. It also offers up the very best porn ever seen. Yet how is this experienced created? Whether you are a tech lover or just curious about the details, creating immersive VR experiences does take a considerable amount […]

History of Virtual Reality, Part 5

History of Virtual Reality, Part 5 The Modern Era and Beyond The 1990s brought a plethora of new ideas and modern implementations for virtual reality, yet the technology and performance needed to handle this new age of VR still lagged behind. In the last several years, the ability for mobile devices and home computer systems […]

History of Virtual Reality, Part 4

History of Virtual Reality, Part 4 GAMING INFLUENCE As arcades saw a push of virtual reality in the early 90s, home entertainment system developers recognized a chance to potentially increase available hardware for users. In order to help video game consumers enjoy VR at home, both SEGA and Nintendo announced VR equipment. While neither of […]

History of Virtual Reality, Part 3

History of Virtual Reality, Part 3 Morton Heilig announced to the world his intention on spreading the idea of virtual reality with the Sensorama. While it did not prove financially successful, he continued onward with his development of VR and the rest of the industry has him to thank for it. So, you should not […]

History of Virtual Reality, Part 2

History of Virtual Reality, Part 2 Following the conclusion of World War II, life went back to normal in the United States. Returning military members found an abundance of jobs and companies focused on manufacturing products not related to a war effort. This meant new technology developed over the past decade could finally be put […]

History of Virtual Reality, Part 1

History of Virtual Reality Part 1 The drive to create illusions of reality has dated back to nearly the dawn of mankind. Visual representation of animals, gods and the ideal man and woman date back tens of thousands of years, with early traces found in French caves, rock walls in Australia and in other corners […]

Live Capture vs Rendering for Virtual Reality

Live Capture vs Rendering for Virtual Reality As we have covered in previous posts, virtual reality production is broken down into all sorts of different tech specs. From resolution to viewing angle and 3D or 2D, you’ll find a handful of key specifications, each of which plays a part in your interactive experience. However, in […]

What is VR?

What is VR (Virtual Reality)? Virtual reality (or VR) is a computer-aided simulation, constructed in 3D space. It is an open environment, allowing you to interact with the digital world around you. By wearing a specially designed head mounted device (HMD), your movements are tracked so you turn in the created environment as you would […]